Heartburn No More

“Heartburn No More” (in both book and e-book versions) was developed and written by Jeff Martin, a medical researcher, nutritionist, and health adviser of more than 10 years’ standing. This heartburn-control program has helped thousands permanently alleviate their acid reflux/heartburn problems. Focusing on the root causes and not the symptoms, unlike physician-recommended medications, Martin’s regimen is completely natural and works as a stable, lasting remedy without having to use antacids or any other prescription drugs jeff martin heartburn no more

100% All-Natural

The Heartburn No More program uses a combination of proper diet, dietary supplements (vitamins and minerals), and herbal remedies such as papaya, apple cider, almonds, and slippery elm to provide relief to acid reflux/heartburn. It evinces no harmful side-effects and is totally safe to use and practice. Initial relief may be expected in as few as two or three days after following the regimen, and in about a week or two there is significant reduction of heartburn-related problems. Best of all, you can read the entire 150-page book in about 30 minutes – no pages and pages of unintelligible medical terminology and difficult-to-follow procedures and rituals. All natural, all beneficial, all the time.

5-Step Holistic System

The 5-step holistic system that Martin espouses gives you useful information on how to eliminate heartburn and most, if not all, digestive problems – naturally and permanently. Some of the data you will find inside the book are: (1) the top ten most important foods you should be eating if you’re prone to acid reflux (and, conversely, the top ten worst foods you shouldn’t be eating); (2) the best and most powerful natural remedies to cure esophageal swelling, in order to bring down inflammation within the digestive system that triggers heartburn; and (3) how to prevent heartburn from occurring ever again, as well as associated ailments like bloating, constipation, excessive burping and belching, flatulence, and intermittent stomach upset.

Money-Back Guarantee

While Martin makes no promises that his Heartburn No More system will work for you for sure, with the 60-day money-back guarantee, 3 months of free one-on-one online counseling, and an amazingly high success rate, it may very well be the best idea for you if you suffer from heartburn to check out his program – before wasting money on other drugs and treatments that could ultimately prove useless!

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