How to Win at Horse Racing – 3 Highly Guarded Insider Secrets Revealed

Having the winning ticket when betting on horse racing is actually quite simple. However, here is something that you must understand to win money when you are enjoying the art and science of betting on the King of Sports.

INSIDER SECRET #1 – We have sat and watched people win 5 times in a row betting on horses right at the race track and walk away almost empty-handed. At the same time we walked away after betting on the exact same races with a nice chunk of money but we only won once out of 9 races. UFABET

So here is the first thing you need to understand. Those people who were winning all the time were betting on the favorites. When they won the race and cashed in on their $2 bet, they only collected $2.20 to $2.80 because the odds were not high enough to give them a very profitable payout. So you can win – but if you don’t win enough money to make a nice profit, you really didn’t win, did you?

As a side note – the people who were betting on the favorites were betting on odds in the range of 1/9 which is a payout of $2.20 on a $2 bet and 1/5 paying out $2.40 for a $2 bet and 2/5 only paying $2.80 for a $2 bet. We were betting on horses that were going off at least at odds of 3/1 and better which would pay out $8 on a $2 bet. Our horse came in and actually paid 5/1 which was $12.00 for our $2 bet. Now that is what you call winning!

Our $20 bet paid us a total of $120. If we would have had a $20 bet on one of those favorites it would have only paid us a profit of $2 to $8.

INSIDER SECRET #2 – Even though knowing how to bet using odds is a great way to make money, you still have to know how to pick a winning horse. There is software that we use that tells us how much to bet using odds so we don’t need to concern ourselves with figuring the different odds. As far as picking winning horses, here is a secret you should know. Once you have picked the horse you think is going to win – stick with that horse. People lose a lot of money from jumping around from one horse to the next and changing their minds on which horse they think is going to win. We even pick our horses the night before the race and then stick with our decision.

INSIDER SECRET #3 – As simple as this insider secret is to understand, it is still one of the most important things to realize when looking at how to win at horse racing. We touched on it briefly in secret number one about betting on the favorites. The questions you need to ask yourself are: Do you want to win the race? – or – Do you want to win money? As we have pointed out, you can win the race but if it does not pay very much, is it really worth winning? We believe the best way to go is to decide to win money versus winning the race.

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