Using the application is very simple, it offers you functionality that will make using your Pearl device a lot easier. The following image shows you some of the basic functionality in the application.

  1. Active Pearl. This is the pearl currently controlled by the application.
  2. Video conversion status. When the application receives files the progress will be shown here.
  3. Preview of the channels. You can set this in the settings, see point 5 of the next image.
  4. List of programmed recorders. The name is shown here.
  5. Filename of the recording. Optional.
  6. Controls of the recorder.
  7. Status of the recorder.
  8. Autostop functionality. When x seconds/minutes or hours passes the application will stop the recording automatically.

There are some settings regarding the Pearl.

  1. Connection information, here you will enter network settings so you can detect Pearl devices. 
  2. List of connected Pearls.
  3. List of Pearls detected on the network, from here you can connect to a Pearl and start using it.
  4. Here you can select the channels, that will save a recording.
  5. Here you can select the preview channels that will be visible in the application.

There are also some customization options.

  1. Button to choose a logo, the logo will appear in the application window.
  2. Select a background color, you can enter a background color for your application if needed.
  3. Language options, currently available languages are English and Dutch.